Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Gluten Free Passover products at Shop Rite in Plainview!

Original Post from from Tuesday, April 15, 2008:

I have to give my shout outs to for posting about ShopRite of Morton Village in Plainview, on South Oyster Bay Road!!! I had to post this as well, because I didn't want anyone to miss out!

I had shopped there last year, but THIS YEAR they have tons of more gluten free passover products, I almost fell over in the aisle! I was so excited to see a huge gluten free apple pie, the frozen mini eclairs, black and white cookies, rainbow cookies (Fabulous), and some other gluten free products such as the Dr. Pragers potato Littles, the Bell and Evans GF chicken fingers/chicken nuggets and GF passover pizza!
I spent over $120 in GF foods!!!

You need to visit for awesome pictures and a FULL description of all that Shop Rite in Plainview has to offer!

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