Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Responses from Restaurants re: Gluten Free Items

Original post from from Friday, April 4, 2008:

7-9-08 Chipotle Grill- and their allergen listing- " You can eat anything we serve except for our large burrito tortillas, our small soft taco tortillas, and possibly our hot red tomatillo salsa (there is a small amount of distilled vinegar in it which some celiac websites still say might be problematic, although most don't).Everything else is fine for you to eat including our crispy corn tacos, our corn chips, and our burrito bowls (no tortilla).If you are highly sensitive and would like us to change our gloves, we would be happy to do that at your request. Additionally, since there is always the slight possibility of cross-contamination in our restaurants because our folks work with wheat tortillas all day long, we encourage you to consider carefully your dining choices."

3-28-08 Response from Bertucci's -
"Thank you for your inquiry. A variety of items on our menu are suitable for a gluten free diet, though preparation for some items may need to be adjusted. Our Salmon Florentine and any of our salad selections are excellent main course selections. Please be sure to request your salad to be prepared without croutons or breadcrumbs. Our dressings do contain gluten, however, oil and vinegar is available for substitution. Additional options are Mussels Caruso (please be sure to request your Mussels Caruso to be prepared without Crostini), Tuscan Chicken Wings, Roasted Tuscan Vegetables and our Fresh Asparagus. f Please ask for the manager who will be pleased to assist you with suitable selections to meet your dietary needs. Again, thank you for your interest in Bertucci's. We hope you can come and join us for lunch or dinner soon. Alyse Guest Relations "

Restaurant Gluten Free Menus:
*Cafe Formaggio (Carle Place)*
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*PF Changs- Chinese*
*Carrabbas- Italian*
Restaurant Listings: (Listing of restaurants that participate in program)

NYC Menus:
*Risotteria- NYC* (YUMMY GF Pizza, Risotto, Paninis )
*Baby Cakes NYC* (Bakery in NYC, around corner from Risoterria)
*Sambuca- NYC*

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