Sunday, July 22, 2007

Gluten Free Websites

Original post from from July 22, 2007:

Information on Celiac Disease: (Celiac Sprue Association.- Lots of good information) (Lots of good information, message boards helpful) (COLUMBIA Celiac Center) (Celiac Disease Foundation) (Gluten Intolerance Group) (NIH- Celiac Disease) (Celiac Disease Awareness Campaign) (Suffolk County, NY Support Group website) (Great website for all things Gluten-Free! Links to other sites!) (Gluten Free Cerficication) (Gluten Free Living Magazine- a MUST HAVE for Celiacs!) The American Celiac Disease Alliance (Send letters to US Representatives) (Gluten Free Travel Club)
(Gluten Free Food Reviews)

Here are some good websites offering Gluten Free Foods: (Canadian Company, really good food… they also have their products at Fairway, B Well Naturally, some at Whole Foods) (Also good food...some available at Fairway, BWell Naturally) (Joans Gluten Free Great Bakes! really good baked items, also available at Sweet Karma Bakery in East Meadow for pick up, now ships) UPDATE: Joans GF Great Bakes- now available at The Diet Shop, and Uncle Gusippies in Smithtown, and she has a GF Sicilian Pizza which is FABULOUS!!! The Best I have had- EVER! 3/08

Gluten Free Beer: (Gluten Free Beer) (Honey Gluten Free Beer) (Woodchuck Cider- ALL GF!) (Redbridge Beer- from Budweiser, GF!)

Restaurants: (Bakery in NYC, around corner from Risoterria) (Chilis Gluten Free Menu) (Outback Steakhouse Menu)
(Charlie Brown’s has a GF menu as well, on website) (Listing of restaurants that participate in program) (YUMMY GF Pizza, Risotto, Paninis ) (PF Changs)
Resources for eating out: (Cards to help with eating out)

Gluten Free Medicines:

Other Gluten Free Blogs:

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