Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New Articles for August

I have posted new articles on my website for August. Check them out!

One of the articles, "Gluten-free diets gaining in popularity" from USA Today states :

"Gluten-free diets are catching on at colleges, says Dee Sandquist, a registered dietitian in Vancouver, Wash., and a spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association.
"There is a fad aspect," says Kupper, who also is a registered dietitian. (Both Kupper and Sandquist have celiac disease.)
What can possibly be behind a fad that has college kids giving up pizza and bagels?

I am totally annoyed that the Gluten-Free Diet is referred to as a "fad", because for those of us who are Celiacs, this is NOT a "fad", it will not "go out of style", nor will we (currently) all of a sudden be able to eat gluten again! The only cure for Celiac Disease is the LIFE LONG remainder on a Gluten-Free Diet! Those that are choosing to eat Gluten-Free for other benefits yes, might be in a "fad" stage, but it gives it a bad name labeling it a "fad". Less food companies will be willing to change their product lines to cater to "fads"- if they think that is what Gluten-Free eating is!
Yes, I intend to write in to the author of the article. :)

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