Monday, November 17, 2008

Pizzeria Uno- Gluten Free Pizza coming to NY!

So Pizzeria Uno's Chicago Grill has Gluten Free Pizza in a few states so far (MA, RI, NH), so I e-mailed customer service to see when it's coming to NY... here is my response...
"Dear Sue,
Thank you for taking the time to let us know that you are lookingforward to our gluten-free pizza coming to NY. So far we have had raverevues on this pizza. Our plan is to roll this out to all therestaurants in the near future.
Barbara Rutman
Hospitality RepresentativeMon-Fri 8:30-4:30 EST"

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Karen said...

Have had the GF cheese and veggie pizza. The veggie is awesome! Also, try the GF raspberry lime rickey, on the new GF summer menu. (Make sure you specify GF, as they also make these for the lucky ones) I'm going to try the new summer salad - spinach with watermelon and blueberries. (Make sure you have them hold the Feta (not GF) and exchange the dressing for balsamic vinaigrette (GF). I'll let you know...