Saturday, December 13, 2008

Wellshire Kids' Dinosaur Shapes Chicken Bites- mis-labeled and are NOT gluten free!

A recent article by the Chicago Tribune reveled that Wellshire Kids' Dinosaur Shapes Chicken Bites have been found to CONTAIN Gluten, and even "high amounts of gluten"!!- Even though they are labeled Gluten-Free! I eat these all the time- and always question "where have I eaten out in the past few days" always questioning cross-contamination of the places I eat out, while fully trusting the food I make in my own kitchen... I am shocked and appalled by this investigation, and find myself now questioning every "gluten-free" lable I see on a package. The FDA really needs to come in to regulate labeling of GF products and come up with a standard of what can and can not be considered Gluten-Free!!

Here is the link for the full article (and I have copied the most shocking part!),0,506031.story?page=1

"To determine the full scope of the problem, the Tribune created an unprecedented computer database of 2,800 recalls related to food allergies over the last 10 years. The newspaper found that roughly five products a week are recalled because of hidden allergens, making it one of the top reasons any consumer product in America is recalled.But that doesn't mean the government or companies are vigilant.Take the example of Peggy Pridemore, a Kentucky woman who bought Wellshire Kids' Dinosaur Shapes Chicken Bites because her son Patrick has a severe wheat allergy. Bold letters on the packaging said the item was "gluten free," or contained no wheat, rye and barley proteins.After Patrick, then 3, ate the nuggets in December, he started coughing, his eyes swelled and he had trouble breathing. His mom jabbed his leg with a large needle containing epinephrine, a drug to help him breathe, then raced him to the hospital, where he recovered in the emergency room.Pridemore said she contacted both the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the food manufacturer and that neither offered to test the chicken nuggets. The Tribune recently bought the product on two occasions at a River Forest supermarket and sent the samples to one of the nation's leading food-allergy labs, at the University of Nebraska. Both times, the lab found gluten. The item remains on shelves across the U.S."

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