Friday, April 10, 2009

Gluten Free segment to air on News 12 LI with me and Mary Mucci!

Yesterday I spent the day with News 12’s Mary Mucci and her camera man Don visiting 4 Gluten Free establishments on Long Island!

The day began in Bellmore, at Joan’s Gluten Free Great Bakes where we got a first hand look at Joan and her crew preparing Joan’s DELICIOUS Gluten Free Sicilian Pizzas. Joan’s offers frozen bagels, pizza’s, Cookies, English muffins and soon to be released Italian rolls (which were SO AMAZING- I can not wait until they are available for sale!). Next we visited Smoking Sloes in East Northport for a Gluten Free Lunch of BBQ pulled-chicken, GF baked beans, and GF BBQ shrimp on salad we also were treated to GF brownies (made by Azure Chocolate) to-go for dessert. From there we headed south to Oakdale to eat at Mama’s. At Mama’s we dined on fresh baked Gluten Free bread, Garlic Bread, Pizza, and my favorite, Chicken Montanara, which is Chicken, Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Broccoli tossed in Garlic and Oil, served over Gluten Free Ziti. For dessert we had Gluten Free Cannoli (my FAVORITE!), Gluten Free Chocolate Cake and Gluten Free Italian Cheese Cake. As if we weren’t stuffed already, our last stop of the day took us back to Nassau County, to Wantagh to visit Caffé Baldo. At Caffe Baldo we ordered a Gluten Free Pizza and were pleased to find out that their regular menu is now one in the same with their Gluten Free menu- that is, anything on the menu can be made Gluten Free! The pizza has a wonderful flavor on it’s thin crust and the size is similar to a traditional pizza pie! There were gluten-free cakes and cookies on display, and I made sure to order my gluten free apple pie for Easter!

Our day began at 10:30 am and we circled the island to finish by 6:15 pm! It was a wonderful day of exploring only some of the GF options available on Long Island and the people behind the GF menus! I truly appreciate them sowing us what they have to offer, and am glad that they provide this valuable service for those of us who can’t eat Gluten- making it easier for us to feel “normal” again.

Watch for the segment in a few weeks on a Monday, during Mary’s weekly report (every hour) on News 12 Long Island. Visit Mary’s Blog at

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