Saturday, April 11, 2009

New 'Gluten Free' Deli Signs at Jandi's in Oceanside!

Below is part of an e-mail I received from Jandi's in Oceanside regarding their new allergy coded signs in their deli dept!

"Jandi's introduces new allergy coded signs in our deli! You may have noticed new signs on the food in our deli. To make it easy for our many allergy sensitive customers to shop, there are 4 color coded carrots at the top left corner of our deli signs to help determine what is best for you. Here is the coding - Green carrot = Vegan, Yellow carrot = Gluten Free, Orange carrot = Soy free, Purple carrot = nut free. We use almost exclusively USDA certified organic ingredients. We use no yeast and no refined sugar. Most of our food is dairy free. We do not fry. We offer a number of live/raw food dishes. All of our food is DELICIOUS! Stop in today and ask for a sample."

Jandi's Natural Market
3000 Long Beach Road
Oceanside, NY 11572
(516) 536-5535 Phone

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