Monday, April 6, 2009

Pizzeria Uno's Gluten Free Pizza now here!

Pizzeria Uno's Gluten Free Pizza has finally arrived and, it's not bad! I ordered a GF pizza "to-go" during lunchtime and the person on the phone told me that they were having a "to-go" flatbread deal called the “Flat Bread Double Deal Take Out” (They are classifying their GF crusts as part of their "flat-breads" which is nice, so that they fall under the same pricing and "deals" as their other flat breads- it is nice to not have to pay more just because it's GF!) - the deal was 1 pizza for $10.99-$11.99 or two for $14.99, so I got two! The options they have are Gluten Free Cheese and Tomato Flatbread ($10.99 single), Gluten Free Pepperoni Flatbread ($11.99 single), and a new Gluten Free Veggie Flatbread ($10.99 single). The first time I went, I got two pepperoni’s, and the second time I called the waitress told me that they were now offering a Veggie version so I got that. It was very nice that she mentioned it- and I enjoyed the veggie toppings! The Cheese and Tomato version has Freshly-shredded mozzarella and Uno’s tomato sauce, the Pepperoni is the same with Pepperoni on top, and the Veggie Version is Mushrooms, onions, peppers, freshly-shredded mozzarella with their Uno tomato sauce, all Baked on a gluten-free crust!

The pizza’s themselves had a very nice flavor, although the crusts did tend to crumble a bit, and the crust at the top would fall off (See pic). You have to eat them with a fork and knife, because if you picked it up it would crumble a bit- but it was still tasty enough that that didn’t matter- and being able to order GF pizza at a main-stream chain restaurant with your friends is definitely a bonus!

They even have a $1 off coupon to try the new Gluten Free Pizzas! (coupon valid until May 31, 2009)

Unfortunately, their only Long Island location right now is Lynbrook (the rest closed down), but you can visit their website for other non-LI locations (which include NYC, and other states) -

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