Thursday, May 7, 2009

Gluten-free Valencia Cake now in Starbucks!

Gluten-free Valencia Cake now at Starbucks!

So it’s official, Starbucks has the Gluten-Free Valencia Cakes! The developer of the new Gluten-free Orange Valencia Cake, Chris writes a behind-the-scenes look at how these new GF treats are made. It’s nice to hear that they are making them in a separate facility in a “gluten free zone” as he called it, so that they took the comments from the public seriously about cross-contamination during production as well as display! They are keeping the cakes in their individual wrappers to ensure that the cakes can not be contaminated with other products at the store! Look at the blog entry from Chris the chef detailing the process of making them as well as some pics of the process!

I have yet to go try them but I will be stopping by soon and will report back! ENJOY!

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Lizz said...

I had one last week!! They are really moist and tasty. And, I saw them in another Starbucks today, so a lot of the Queens, NY stores have them. It's great that a mainstream store has taken notice!!