Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Eat at Chipotle for a good Gluten-Free Meal!

OK, so I know this isn’t breaking news, but as I’m in the process of moving, and have time to kill while waiting for the National Grid man to come to the house in my lovely 1-3 time sucking window, I thought I would post about the awesomeness that is Chipotle! My Mom who is also on a GF diet had never been there until yesterday when we went to see the American Idols Live Tour at the Coliseum, and Chipotle was a perfect place to eat dinner prior to the show!

Chipotle is by far my FAVORITE of the “places I can eat” on a quick meal- or any meal for that matter! The majority of the items are Gluten-Free, which is great (no burrito wrap tortilla’s, or soft taco shells), and the staff at all of the locations I have visited on LI and NYC have been VERY accommodating regarding changing their gloves. The one on Hempstead Turnpike in Uniondale by the Coliseum is great, as are the ones on Rt 110, (by Rt 109 in the Chilis shopping center, as well as the one further north, by the Walt Whitman mall). The one in Tanger Outlet in Deer Park has also been great- I love going there, doing a bit of shopping, eating dinner at Chipotle and then catching a movie in the huge new theatre there, and then going to RED MANGO (See previous blog entry regarding Red Mango) next door to the movie theatre for certified GF FroYo for dessert!

Chipotle not only has good GF food for us to eat, their company prides themselves in providing us with food that is good for us! They call this "Food With Integrity”- Naturally raised meats and dairy!

From their website:

“ To meet our naturally raised standard, chicken must:
• Never be given antibiotics.
• Have more room to move about than in conventional chicken
• Be vegetarian fed, never given animal by-products.

Once again, naturally raised pork at Chipotle means:
• No antibiotics, ever.
• Letting pigs exhibit their natural behaviors in open pasture or
deeply-bedded pens.
• Vegetarian feed with no animal by-products.

When you order naturally raised beef at Chipotle, here is what you are getting (and not getting):
• No added growth hormones, ever.
• No antibiotics, ever.
• Vegetarian feed with no animal by-products.

We think some things should be sacred. Like dairy. The cheese and the sour cream at all of our restaurants is free of the synthetic growth hormone rBGH. We're not scientists, but ingesting hormones with our crispy tacos just doesn't seem like a good idea.”

OK- so not to bore you with the details, they can be found here but to highlights a few of the AWESOME factoids! ( )

“•Our foods at Chipotle have no artificial colors or artificial flavorings.

• We use no peanuts, tree nuts or any other kind of nuts in our foods. Only our cheese and sour cream contain any dairy. And there are no eggs in our foods.

• We offer a number of vegetarian and vegan dining choices.

• Over three hundred of our restaurants currently recycle glass, plastic, and/or cardboard.”

So, Chipotle is not only Gluten-Free Friendly, but Allergen Friendly, not using any peanuts, tree nuts or any other kind of nuts, and no eggs! Those avoiding Dairy can also eat easy, by avoiding the sour cream and cheese!

Click here for Chipotle locations in LI/NYC area


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ParryPix said...

I agree, Chipotle has lots of great, gluten-free, healthy food, and they have a green, humane (short of being vegetarian) approach to planet.