Monday, September 28, 2009

Gluten Free LI in Newsday Article this Thursday, October 1st!

Last week I was contacted by Erica Marcus, a Newsday reporter regarding my GlutenFreeLI blog and website ( ) to do an interview on gluten-free eating and shopping on Long Island!! We went to Mama's in Oakdale for dinner, ate a lot, talked a lot more! It was a really great time! I'm very excited to see how it turns out!

Look for the article this Thursday, October 1st in Newsday - and online at!


natomei said...

Bravo! Congratulations on providing a great, informative piece on gluten-free dining/shopping. Great information and well done. Thanks so much!

Nina A. Tomei, MD

gracenmercy2u - Kurt said...

Saw your article today in Newsday today. Glad to know the site is there!! I've been diagnosed since 1993 and it's always helpful to have more information to continue to live well living gluten-free. Thank you!

Kurt Wesolowski