Wednesday, October 14, 2009

bare naked bakery in East Meadow has GF items!

*UPDATE: 6/2010- Bare Naked Bakery has now moved to it's own location- in Bellmore- see post all about it! *

From my Newsday Article I have been contacted by many fabulous people!

Among them was Bridget from Bare Naked Bakery, which is located inside Friendly Farms in East Meadow. I stopped by the bakery on Sunday and was pleasantly surprised! The Gluten-free selection on hand that day was a pumpkin pie (which I quickly snagged up!), chocolate chip cookies, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin loafs, banana-peanut butter loaf (which my husband loved!), cinnamon raisin bread, brownies and muffins! I took almost one of everything!! The pumpkin pie was great, as were the pumpkin cookies! The cinnamon raisin bread was really tasty too (It reminded me of when I was able to eat gluten- the Milleridge Inn cinnamon raisin bread! YUM!) and the banana-peanut butter loaf was good as well- nice and moist! The bakery section is open Thursday through Sunday and they get deliveries daily on those days. On Saturday’s they have their GF Chef on hand to give out samples of items such as vegetable quiche and corn chowder! I am looking forward to going back and getting a fresh bagel next week! Their items are baked in a dedicated gluten-free kitchen- and baked with farm fresh ingredients from Friendly Farms! They have Holiday Baskets and special orders available!

bare naked bakery
Now located in Bellmore, on Merrick Road.

*UPDATE: Bare Naked Bakery has now moved to it's own location- in Bellmore- see post all about it! *


Monica said...

Thank you so much for keeping us posted on these things. It makes my whole week when you tell us about a new place to eat!

Ellen said...

Thanks for this, I am planning to check this out, but do you know if any of the bakery items are dairy free as well??

leslie said...

Bridgett has now opened Bare Naked Bakery and Café on Merrick Rd, Bellmore. A beautiful transformation of the old Quiznos. I had the opportunity to check out the store yesterday and today!
Upon entering I noticed that everyone was bustling behind the counter. With so many choices: bagels, paninis, salads, cookies, cakes, muffins….and PIZZA I just had to sit down to take it all in and to make a decision. It was 2p. There were 2 other tables with patrons. I sat at the first empty table closest to the counter so I could take it all in. The table had an empty tray and crumbs. Hmmm. So I ordered a slice of Pizza! Wow, I could not wait! There were a few pies sitting behind glass on the counter that must have been made earlier. OK…that’s how it goes with pizza. So I waited for what seemed like an eternity for the pizza to be heated up. I drank my water bottle (only bottled drinks, no fountain or ice maker on premises). Finally, the clerk brought over my slice. It seemed quite well fact the cheese was browned and the crust was too. But who am I to complain, it’s gluten free! So I picked it up, noticed it was REALLY HOT and in spite of the warning took a big bite! OUCH! GOOD OL’ PIZZA BURN! So now I waited for it to cool. What a waste of time! While I waited another patron arrived inquiring about cakes. I overheard the conversation about red velvet cake and cupcakes. Bridgett brought the cake on a lovely glass pedestal out from under the counter and the cupcakes with their real buttercream frosting looked great.
My stomach was now happy from eating the cooled down pizza, although it was a bit too crispy, but whatever. I had a nice chat with Bridgett about the store’s opening and that she’s getting lots of questions if the store is also peanut free, dairy free, soy free…While she understands the concerns of patrons with more than one food sensitvity, she is not quite sure how to answer questions. She stressed the integrity of their gluten free mission. Although she did say there are no nuts used in any of the ingredients in the store, nor is “soy” contained in any ingredient. However, she cannot make any claims for the processing of any of ingredients used, other than the claim that Bare Naked is GLUTEN FREE.
Today, it was my turn to choose the restaurant for lunch with my dear friend, Gail, who is a vegetarian, but not gluten free. She was a good sport. After choosing a Veggie Slice she was told that slices were not available. After a bit of back and forth with the clerks behind the counter (BTW Bridgett did not intervene) it was determined that Gail could order a regular slice and for $1 one vegetable topping would be added. My order was simple too: everything bagel with swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato and mustard, just like I used to order before I knew that celiac was the reason for all my stomach ailments…Now my mouth is watering and Gail..well she’s just being a good sport! The table we choose again near the counter had a used red tray and lots of crumbs. The time is 1:25PM. No one else was in the store, but now other customers enter the store…Other customers are getting served. My bagel with its lettuce and tomato wind up in the panini grille! What is going on!!! These clerks don’t know what they are doing!! Now I’m getting mad…and more customers are entering the store. They’re ordering things from the bakery for take out. Their ordering paninis. All the customers have left and we are STILL WAITING FOR OUR FOOD. I almost walked out, but hey, it’s the only place in town and well, let’s just give it another minute. FINALLY our order is handed to us on a red plastic try…with the remark, “if it’s not warm enough, just tell us”! Gail’s pizza wasn’t brown as mine was yesterday, but it wasn’t really hot or cold. The cheese didn’t even re-melt! My unwanted panini bagel with its warmed up lettuce was disappointing for a number of reasons, warmed lettuce being a major one.
I spoke to Bridgett, who was happy to get my feedback about the clueless staff, the dirty tables, but other than that didn’t really care how we felt.

Beth said...

This bakery has relocated to an awesome new full service location. The information above is no longer accurate. Visit for the new address, phone number, hours and full menu.
The new location has a full cafe menu with lots of dairy free items and most importantly the food is incredible.

SueZboss said...

HI Beth- Thanks... this post was indeed from 2009... please see my most recent posts from 2010 that talk about BNB in Bellmore! :)