Monday, December 14, 2009

“Great Specialty Products” were tested to show high levels of gluten in their gluten-free items!

I received startling information today that Juno Nutrition tested gluten-free products from a company called “Great Specialty Products” based in North Carolina and found their products to contain “High Levels of Gluten, which indicated 200 ppm or more.” (See below for more information). I have never heard of this company, nor seen any of their products here on Long Island, but figured just in case someone is having this company’s items shipped to them, I would spread the word.

It is pretty scary! This further emphasizes the need for an FDA ruling on what is and is not considered (and what can/cannot be labeled) gluten-free!

Below is the summary of what happened, and then click the link for the full article on the Juno Nutrition website. What tipped Juno off to something going on was that products that were bought as gluten-free were hand-delivered to people (and stores I believe) with NO labels on them, and NO ingredient listing (which is in violation of state law in NC where they were sold). Also read the paragraph on their site about the fact that they re-packaged non-gluten free desserts off as being gluten-free! HOLY MOLY.

"Juno Nutrition Update
Great Specialty Products: Seven Tests Show High Gluten
Six (6) different products from Great Specialty Products, a physical and online seller of Gluten-Free products, show high levels of gluten based on seven (7) different gluten tests. Six were over the counter test kits, one was sent off to a 3rd party lab for independent confirmation. We purchased two products, a white-bread loaf, and a sourdough loaf from Great Specialty Products - a website (greatspecialtyproducts [dot] com), and formerly a physical store, based in North Carolina. Both samples, when evaluated with an EZ Gluten Kit, showed 'High Gluten' (photos and details are in the full post). We were present for two other samples (a dinner roll and another white-bread loaf) when other EZ-Gluten Kits were run and showed 'High Gluten'. Two others shared results which were not run in our presence, which both showed high gluten. For an EZ-Gluten kit, a reading of 'High Gluten' indicates 200 ppm or more.

One of these six samples was sent to a 3rd party lab for independent testing, it too found 'High' levels of gluten. For the 3rd party AOAC approved test, High levels of gluten meant 80 ppm or more. As of this writing, seven (7) different tests show products from Great Specialty Products to be high in gluten as defined by the relevant test."

For a full account of our findings see the full post here.

Also, under the “ingredient and calorie count” page it says “Sorry... This page is under-construction. Please visit us again soon. Thank you.” And Under their “Terms and conditions” it is blank!

12/20/09- UPDATE: Read this Blog entry about someone who was affected by this horiable act-
and their poor little boy who ate the contaminated food. :(


flybrand said...

Sue - Thanks for posting this update, and I appreciate the reference back to our site. This is a very unusual situation; it is clear they were buying and re-labeling non-GF desserts as GF. We do not know for certain what was going on with their GF breads, however we stand by the tests that we took and have yet to receive a response from them.

It appears they had not sold many of their 'products' and that most of the consumers were in the Carolinas. If anyone who reads this did order their products, please retain a sample and contact us at contact[at] so we can share that information with others.

Rebecca said...

The plot thickens...

Fred said...

Local News Station covers criminal charges against bakery owner after court shuts down fraudulent operations.