Saturday, December 26, 2009

New treatments for Celiac Disease possibly in the near future!

This is a really interesting article from the LA Times last week, that discusses the furthering of a Celiac Disease treatment options we keep hearing about- the “enzyme pill”, immunotherapy shots, as well as the “hook worm” theory (yuck!). One company is focusing on producing the enzyme drug that if taken could help those of us with CD to eat gluten safely, although it is not thought that it would be on a regular basis, more for if we go out to eat, or on vacation. It does not sound like they are saying we can go back to a “normal” diet on the enzyme pill. The other, trying an immunotherapy (which is doses of shots taken under the skin, rather than ingesting them in the gut- similar to allergy shots one takes to become less allergic to items such as pollen and pet dander) that will teach your body not to react to gluten anymore, which could result in a permanent diet lifestyle change! The article also discussed inoculation -- of hookworm (there was an article awhile back about this- and it sounded gross- I don’t know if I could stand having a hookworm in me), although I hope they are not putting all of their research into this last one- because if so, I think I would rather remain on a gluten-free diet! The other two sound promising and it seems like we are coming further along on research of these items, and on to phase 2 of trials, which is exciting!,0,5395819.story

Happy Gluten-Free Holidays!

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