Friday, December 11, 2009

Re-cap of Dr. Oz discussion of Celiac Disease

OK, so I thought the segment (and I use that word instead of “episode” as did previously) on Celiac Disease on the Dr. Oz Show was good. It was very short, but good. Elizabeth Hassleback did a good job, which I was surprised and happy about. She took the time to explain quickly how she was diagnosed, and how she was misdiagnosed for years prior, which is all to common with Celiac. When they cut to Dr. Green, I did not like how he was just an audience member who was mic’d up… Dr. Green should have been sitting up there with them! Then right before the commercial break Dr. Oz talks about how you can “lose weight” by going on this diet- so not true. A lot of GF products have more butter, sugar, and calories/fat than their gluten-containing counterparts. (that’s how they hold the gf product together and make it taste good!). So going on a GF diet is NOT the way to lose weight, and hopefully will not become the next “fad diet” people buy into.

Oh my gosh, and I almost forgot- showing the insides of a small intestine?! They didn’t even explain what he was showing! I’m assuming the damaged villi (but even I was confused, and I understand what gluten does to my intestines!) from the beginning to the bottom- but couldn’t “see” which was the damaged and which wasn’t.

After they came back from commercial they featured a women just diagnosed (who really just stood there and answered 1 question at the end) while EH walked her through the gluten and non-gluten free products. I did like how EH talked about items that one doesn’t necessarily think of as having gluten (ie. salad dressing, hand lotion, lipstick), and I also liked how she explained that items such as peanut butter/butter/jelly (any “jar” type food) is a cross-contamination nightmare, and to label the gluten-free ones so they remain gluten free! (only the GF person is using labeled jar “a” then this way no gluten-containing crumbs will get in there from the knife!) I thought it was great that she had time to say that, because often times someone who is just diagnosed, wouldn’t even think of that!

All in all it was a nice quick segment on Dr. Oz. But, for all the hype surrounding the casting of the “newly diagnosed” celiac, discussions on numerous blogs, email reminders of the show airing, and the fact that this was an “Oprah descendent” featuring CD on his show, it’s too bad you really could have blinked and missed it.

In case you did….

There’s no video up yet, but they do feature a bio on celiac disease, and maybe they will put it up soon, so check back!

And here is the preview commercial they aired for it:

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