Thursday, February 18, 2010

It’s that time of year again- Passover = GF products in Supermarkets!

Around this time of year when the supermarkets begin to stock their shelves with Easter and Passover items (yes, Valentine’s day was Sunday!) more and more gluten-free items keep popping up each year! Two years ago I wrote about Shop Rite ( ) and the great products they had- and last year found some of the GEFEN corn pasta products as well. Yesterday while shopping at Stop and Shop- in the Passover aisle (pic) I found some more products! GEFEN now in addition to gluten-free pasta’s also has 3 gluten-free cookies- Chocolate Chip, Vanilla, and Brownie Cookies (pic). On their boxes it says “Proud Sponsor of Celiac Disease Foundation” which is great! They are on sale at Stop and Shop this week a dollar off for $2.99 a box. I have not tried them yet- but as soon as I do I will update. I also found a new product that I haven’t seen before, Yehuda, which is a product imported from Israel- they had Gluten-Free Marble Cake and Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cake (pic) (and I believe a Maple cake, but I did not get that one). I tried the Chocolate Chip Cake (pic) and it was very good! It was soft and moist, not crumbly at all! They are selling for $4.99 each. I say definitely check it out! Look in your local supermarkets for the Passover aisle and look for anything that says “Gluten-Free” or “Non Gebrokts” which is Hebrew for “no wheat was used” (of course, check of other grains, but all of the “Non Gebrokts” I found were also gluten-free). This is the best time in the supermarkets to get other GF products that you normally can’t get. Although, most “mainstream” supermarkets are starting to carry more and more GF items- it’s still fun walking down a new aisle on the hunt for GF products!

If you find any new GF products lets us know!

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Erin S. said...

Passover is always a great time to stock up on gluten-free goodies, especially for those of us on Long Island. Plainview Shop Rite always has a great selection of products each year.

On a related note, I will greatly miss David of Gluten-Free NYC's recap of Passover products this year. David always was ahead of the trend and would find products I never heard of before. For posts of Passovers from the past, please visit David's blog: