Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lucy’s Gluten-Free Cookies now at Starbucks!

Lucy’s gluten-free cookies are now available at Starbucks! The day I was there they had the Sugar Cookies and the Cinnamon Thin cookies; they were out of the Chocolate Chip ones- and I forgot to ask about the Oatmeal ones (which are made with GF oats). They are selling for $1.50, for a pack of 4 small cookies which is a good price considering it’s Starbucks! I was so excited to see them there and be able to have cookies along with my coffee! It’s almost as good as the short-lived GF Orange Valencia Cake that they had- hopefully they will KEEP Lucy’s gf cookies in stock! (of course, they also still have KIND bars which are GF for sale, right next to the cookies, so we have “options”!)

You can also find Lucy’s gf cookies at local health food stores and other retailers such as Stop and Shop in larger quantity packages. But the pack of 4 really makes them an ideal snack to buy when you are at Starbucks with friends having a coffee, or on the run and nowhere to eat- you can always find a Starbucks! Check out their website for locations:

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