Thursday, March 25, 2010

Gluten-Free Food Cart at Citifield!!

This is so exciting! Citifield will now have a gluten-free food cart sponsored by Kozy Shack! (and I thought I couldn't love Kozy Shack anymore than I already did!)... Not only will the cart have Kozy Shack puddings, (which are labeled GF, which makes it much easier when shopping) but the cart will feature gluten-free hot dogs, hamburgers with gluten-free buns (!!) and gluten-free beer!!!! How exciting will it be to go to the baseball game, and be able to eat a hot-dog and have a beer, just like everyone else?! I'm so glad I'm a Mets fan- but even if I wasn't, I now would be! Sorry Yankee fans, you'll just have to come watch with us!

See blurbs from the article- and click on the link for the whole article.

It's Amazin! Gluten-Free Eating Goes Mainstream at Citifield

"The Mets developed the stand-alone cart in response to one of the most common requests from fans, who asked for a gluten-free concession. In addition to Kozy Shack® gluten-free snacks, the cart will also feature hot dogs and hamburgers with gluten-free buns and gluten-free beer. Baseball fans can locate the cart on Field Level in the right field corner, just outside the World's Fare Market."

it continues...

"Dietary restrictions are a growing concern in the food industry and we have always strived to make our products available to meet all consumer needs and palates," says Kozy Shack® CEO Bob Striano. "We're excited to further our partnership with the Mets and offer fans a designated cart for gluten-free food products. It's a home run for everyone."

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Lets all go to the ballgame!

Here is a photo of the new Gluten-Free Shack from! (LOVE IT!)


Erin S. said...

Great photo of the gluten-free shack!! So exciting.

Ann Parry NY said...

That's a very big deal that Kozy Shack has an entire Gluten Free cart at Mets Citifield - things really are changing for the better!

SueZboss said...

woo hoo- stay tuned for a possible Celiac Disease Fundrasier on May 25th!!

Gluten Free Food said...

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Anonymous said...

Awesome...the Mets may not lead the league in wins, but they're ahead of the pack here.