Tuesday, April 13, 2010

FDA Online Survey regarding Gluten-Free Claims on Food Labels

So the study that I took part in for the FDA back in November (http://glutenfreeli.blogspot.com/search/label/Gluten%20Free%20FDA%20Guidelines )
Now has an online (modified) version of the questions I answered on the panel discussion.... the two pictures are the same, but when I was there in person, they had a lot more labels... so it looks like they are now trying to gather more people's opinions!

It’s really important to take this survey!!! We need to have input on how labels should read to make it the most clear. (I’m still not fully happy with all the choices that they give- some are still really ambiguous- but we’re moving along). As for the question about 20ppm (which is the standard “allowable” ppm of gluten in Europe), I clicked “other” and wrote “while 20 ppm is the standard allowable amounts of gluten ppm in Europe, it can still have the potential to make us sick, and therefore should be less than that in the US.” :)



The Celiac Disease Foundation is assisting the FDA is seeking Participants for a Research Study on Gluten-Free Claims on Food Labels and requesting your assistance.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is seeking adults diagnosed with celiac disease or gluten-intolerance or caregivers to such individuals to participate in a research study on their grocery shopping habits. Participants will be asked to take an Internet survey, which will take
approximately 10 minutes to complete.

The survey is available at
www.synovate.net/forgluten *see below*

Please contact Katherine Kosa at kkosa@rti.org or 1-800-334-8571, extension 23901, if you have any questions about the study. To request a paper copy of the survey, please call 1-877-4GLUTN1.

UPDATE from the FDA:
"Thank you very much for getting the word out about the FDA gluten-free survey. The response has been overwhelming and we have met our quota in just a few days. The survey will shut down in a few hours but in the meantime, those who try to respond may receive a "not qualified" message. I apologize for that.

If you have the opportunity to thank these potential respondents, please do, as we will, should they contact us.

Thank you again,
U.S. Food & Drug Administration
Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition"

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