Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Gluten Free Warning- Alitalia Pizza in West Babylon

This was posted to the Celiac Listserv- and figured I would spread the word in case any of you eat at Alitalia Pizza in West Babylon- to make sure to ask them to be careful with preparing GF!!
“Eating at Alitalia pizza in West Babylon, one problem when we picked it up, we had ordered (which initially we thought) had included Gluten Free pasta, well whoever packed it put a half loaf of regular bread right on top of the pasta container! Crumbs everywhere! My husband called to let them no that they did something wrong, and who ever had answered says not everyone who works there, or handles the food, knows all about gluten free. He said whoever packed the pasta, someone else then put in the bread. The pizza was ok, but we feel slightly sick from it. We tried to explain they would need to take better precautions and they did not seam interested in hearing that. There was also someone else ordering GF Pizza and the one handling the regular pizza, also showed the lady the GF pizza with the same gloved hand that handled the regular pizza. In ending just be careful and be specific and check your order, we will not be going there again.”

It’s a shame that so many companies have now started offering GF options (good), without taking the proper precautions to ensure that they limit the cross-contamination risks, train ALL of their staff properly, and take a GF diet seriously (bad). The worst think about the Gluten-Free diet being referred to as a “fad diet” is the fact that then people who do know the seriousness of the disease and how it would affect someone with CD who does ingest gluten, does not realize that this is not a “choice diet” but a medically necessary one!

What we in the Celiac Community can start doing, is GO to all these places that have now started offering a GF menu, THANK them for doing so, and EDUCATE them on what it means to be, eat, prepare, serve Gluten Free. We can encourage them to join an organization such as GFRAP (the Gluten Free Restaurant Awareness Program http://www.glutenfreerestaurants.org/ ) sponsored by GIG, which will provide them with materials on preparing proper GF food -or- attend a Suffolk County Celiacs meeting (first Tuesday of every month (Except Jan this year) in West Islip) http://www.suffolkcountyceliacs.org/ -or- Contact one of the board members of the Suffolk County Celiacs who can come and HELP them to prepare their kitchens for proper GF food production- contact: SuffolkCountyCeliacs _at_ gmail.com)

Lets start getting the word out there that this is NOT a “fad” diet, but one that needs to be taken seriously, and that GF food CAN be made safely so that we will not get sick from it!


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