Friday, May 7, 2010

Long Islands First 100% Gluten Free Bakery and Cafe opening in Bellmore

I am so excited to announce this! I can not wait for Bare Naked Bakery to open up in June! Dubbed the "Panera Bread" for Gluten-Free people, Bare Naked Bakery & Cafe, which will be a 100% dedicated GF Facility, will have Breads, Cakes, Muffins, Pannini's, Pizza and Soups!

I sampled some of the pizza the other night, and it was outstanding!

I will keep you posted as soon as it is open for business!
2572 Merrick Rd. Bellmore, NY 11710
For Immediate Release

Long Islands First 100% Gluten Free Bakery and Cafe opening in Bellmore.

Bellmore - Opened June 2010 - Nassau County residents no longer have to settle for prepackaged or frozen gluten free bakery products. Fresh gluten free baked goods and sandwiches will soon be available at Bare Naked Bakery & Cafe, a 100% dedicated gluten free facility.

"We're excited about our new bakery offering fresh gluten free products here on Long Island," says Bridget Brennan, owner of Bare Naked Bakery & Cafe. "People with celiac disease or gluten allergies can enjoy the flavor of fresh baked goods again in a safe environment - they don't have to get something that's processed or worry about cross contamination. We're looking forward to providing our customers with a tasty, yet safe and convenient experience for their gluten free needs."

Bare Naked Bakery is dedicated providing superior gluten free breads, bagels, cakes and muffins, without compromising the taste, texture and quality of the products. The bakery,which started on one of the last organic farms in Nassau County - Friendly Farms in East Meadow - will continue to use farm-fresh fruits to bake its pies and muffins, ensuring that only the freshest ingredients are packed into every product made. “The products are so delicious and the consistency is so fluffy that even people who don’t need to eat gluten free love them”, says Bridget.

The bakers at Bare Naked Bakery are dedicated to offering a gluten alternative to eating out without compromising the taste, consistency and safety of their products. Their mission is to bring the experience of crunchy and fluffy, fresh-baked goods back to the community of gluten free people who never thought they could experience those tastes again especially while dining out.

"My grandmother told me when she was growing up, foods were unaltered and so abundant
with flavor - you couldn't finish the whole thing" says Bridget. "Now, most gluten free products are mass-produced, engineered, and over-processed. The breads lose not just their flavor, but their integrity as well. In addition, even though more restaurants may offer gluten free options now, cross contamination is still a very real threat to sufferers. At Bare Naked Bakery & Cafe, we're committed to restoring the faith in dining out for the gluten free community by providing top quality products in a 100% dedicated gluten free facility."

Bare Naked Bakery is scheduled to open June 2010. Visit for the most recent updates and details.

Bare Naked Bakery 2572 Merrick Rd. Bellmore, NY 11710
Contact:Bridget Brennan. (516) 809-7370 or email

**For Updates on Bare Naked's opening and reviews:


Erin S. said...

Great news! I cannot wait to check it out.

Ann Parry NY said...

Having a dedicated gluten-free bakery and cafe in Bellmore is exciting news - thanks for the head's up! smiles - Ann

Monica said...

This is so exciting! It's tough for me to get to Babycakes or Tully's in the city, and it will be so great to have a closer fresh bakery. I can't wait.

Anonymous said...

after much anticipation I am sorry to say the bagels and garlic knots were awful, I wound up throwing the lot out after one taste.Cakes and cookies were good but it's easy enough and alot cheaper to turn that out at home with a Betty Crocker GF mix. I hope they adapt a better bread recipe in the very near future. I have not found it necessary to return to the store due to the quality of what they offer presently.

SueZboss said...

I spoke with Bare Naked last weekend- and they have re-formulated their Bagels. It sounds like you didn't try the Panini's or pizza- I would say DEFINITELY go and try the Panini!! It is my favorite GF food right now... I have been eating 3 a week! The Chicken Pesto one is outstanding, as well as the Turkey Club one is!! I eat there more for the "food" then the baked goods- It's a great place to grab lunch/dinner!

Anonymous said...

I have tried the pizza and was not impressed, sorry. The panini though was good but thats about all. I order gorgeous bagels and bread and pizza dough on line from a great GF bakery in Denver. Much tastier than anything at BareNaked even my non celiac husband eats the GF bread now because its that good, we've not been able to say the same for anything we've tried at Bare Naked, I have to say when I heard they changed the bagel recipe and had to take the garlic knots completely off the menu because they couldnt rectify the recipe. I was a little irratated to think that the bakery sold something they knew was so inferior. Anyone tasting it would have known it was simply inediable, I felt ripped off.No disrespect but if you've been eating three paninis a week , thats about 144.00 a month for sandwiches umm, seriously??

Anonymous said...

I went to Bare Naked Bakery on Saturday night as I received a gift card for Christmas. First impressions of the place were that the exterior/interior were done very nice…but that’s where the positive feedback of this place ends.
We asked if there was table service and the rude woman at the register said ‘yes, take a menu’ and I was handed one menu for two people. We sat down, decided what to order and after ten minutes of waiting I decided to go up to the counter to order as no one had come over to our table. I ordered a cup of chili, two buffalo chicken sandwiches and two drinks ($45). When the chili came out it was served in a plastic kids bowl, with one spoon. The menu stated that the chili was served with cheddar cheese and corn chips; we received neither. I had to go back up to the counter as no one asked if everything was ok, I said that we did not receive the cheese or chips as stated on the menu- the woman at the counter said ‘oh you want those?’ After five minutes- the chips, but no cheese were brought out. Then the same woman took our bowl of chili and said she would put cheese on it. Ten minutes later we received the flavorless bowl of chili back, with cheese melted on top. About one minute later our sandwiches arrived, served by the only competent person in the place, who asked if everything was ok and told us to enjoy our food.
The sandwiches were served with the same chips that came with the chili and a pickle on the side. The microwave chicken sandwich was sub par at best and the bread was one of the poorer tasting gluten free breads I’ve tasted in the two years being gluten free. The chips were poured out of a huge Costco type bag that couldn’t have cost more then $10.
Lastly we ordered the special dessert of the weekend, as stated on the menu ‘Gooey CARAMEL FUDGE Cheesecake!’ Since this place was called a ‘Bakery’ I thought that maybe the desserts were the reason why this place was in business, but was I wrong. The small piece of cheesecake was so rubbery it actually tasted like flan and the ‘Gooey CARAMEL FUDGE’ was just drizzled on Hershey’s chocolate and caramel syrup. One word that sums up this dessert is ‘inedible’. We actually threw it away after a bite each, one of which was spit out into a napkin.
Overall this place was extremely disappointing and overpriced. I would not recommend Bare Naked Bakery to anyone, not for the food or desserts. I would actually go as far as saying this place is ripping people off as no one should pay that much money for microwave food. A nice looking place is being wasted, to bad, overpriced food and rude, lazy staff at the register.

One last tidbit, in case the owner of the Bakery is reading this, when we arrived the place was freezing and we asked the woman at the register why the door was open and she said because it gets too hot inside. Remember that the tables are situated right by the door, with the breeze blowing right on the patrons eating, not an enjoyable experience. After 45 minutes of us being there another worker finally shut the door, as we were about to leave. Also for the owner- if you happen to be in Manhattan, try a place called ‘Friedman’s Lunch’- this is the gold standard of gluten free places in NY and you can learn a lot from their courteous staff and delicious food, because Long Island definitely needs a decent gluten free place for us Celiacs.