Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New Restaurants in Massapequa offering GF & Celiac Awareness Night tonight at CitiField!

Don’t forget, tonight is Celiac Awareness Day at CitiField!!! Go see the Mets take on the Phillis and eat a GF Hotdog, Hamburger, Fries, or Beer (well, drink it, not “eat” the beer)- the “benefit tickets” are no longer for sale- but I’m sure you can still buy your tickets at the ticket window for tonight’s game! For those of you who are coming with us (Suffolk County Celiacs or LI Celiac Meetup Group) We’ll see you there! :)

Also, from one of my AWESOME readers Phil, who keeps me up-to-date on all his Gluten-Free finds while driving around Long Island, I received the following:

I had the pizza and pasta at Fra Amichi in Massapequa this week. Let me just say that the pizza was so good, I had it two days in a row. I also went back and got the baked ziti. AWESOME! I couldn't tell it was GF. My wife had to take a bite and tell me it was. Fra Amichi tells me that they can make any pasta dish on their menu as a GF. They cook the GF pasta in the same kitchen, but cook in chicken broth, or a brown gravy that is made from corn starch. In addition, the GF pizza are cooked on a tinfoil pan, so the pizza does not make contact with the bottom of the oven. I am going to ask that my next pizza is cooked a bit more.. The dough was cooked, but was a little underdone to my likings.. I will have to send you a picture of my next pie.. they don't put a lot of toppings on, but they are HUGE pieces - and the pie is completely covered with cheese.. That is usually "extra cheese" amount of cheese at other locations.
I spoke with the owner of Fra Amichi, and he says he cooks all the GF dishes himself. Again, they don't have a dedicated kitchen, but my first "real dish" didn't kill me.

Also, With today's paper, I got a menu from Crostini Pizza (in Massapequa). More than half their menu is GF. I was going to go to Fra Amichi again tonight (I'm loving the baked ziti), but I might give Crostini a try since I have to pass there to get to Fra Amichi. Here is the link to Crostini :

I’m going to try to visit Fra Amichi and Crostini as soon as possible and then will report back- but figured (being that June is a busy month for me!) that I would get the word out there- so that you guys can visit as well and report back!


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Ann Parry NY said...

Thanks to you and Phil for head's up about Fra Amichi - http://www.fraamichi.com/
smiles - Ann