Thursday, July 29, 2010

Chelsea Clinton to have a Gluten-Free Wedding Cake!

The internet has been all the buzz lately with the news of Chelsea Clinton’s upcoming wedding and the inclusion of a Gluten-Free Wedding Cake! I met Chelsea back in 2008- and I wish I knew that she was Gluten-Free! I would have asked her all about it- oh well! In addition to being a “Green” wedding that will be mostly vegan fare, it is rumored that the Gluten-Free Vegan Wedding Cake will be made by Babycakes NYC *edited to add- after the event- it was announced that the cake was made by- La Tulipe in Mount Kisco - unfortunately not by Babycakes.* Chelsea, the daughter of former President Bill Clinton (c’mon, like I had to tell you), is reportedly allergic to gluten. I couldn’t find any reports on if she has Celiac Disease, or just a gluten allergy- but it is pretty cool how all the news articles are reporting this like its big news! It’s so funny how something “different” makes news- yes, stop the presses, she is having a cake with no wheat in it at her wedding! One of the articles even said how they’ve never heard of a former President’s “kid, cousin, relative, etc” having a vegan wedding- like, WHO CARES? This is news?.... really? I do think, however silly it may be, that getting the buzz for a gluten-free wedding cake is good publicity for us “non-gluten” eaters. Yes, I know it will only contribute even more to the “this gluten-free thing is just a fad-diet” mentality, BUT at the same time, it will create more awareness, and if even 1 person says “hey- what’s gluten-free?” then it has worked in the positive. Maybe more larger companies like the fabulous General Mills will decide it IS worth it to put the extra effort in to help provide us with more choices, availability, and cheaper prices on items that others can enjoy and maybe it will help those that are still un-diagnosed get one step closer to getting better. So at this Saturday’s wedding, I say go ahead Chelsea, have your gluten-free wedding cake- and eat it too!

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Photo: Chelsea Clinton and me in 2008

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