Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Moolala: a New Frozen Yogurt place in Merrick offers Gluten-Free FroYo!

A new frozen yogurt store opened in Merrick recently called Moolala! Located in the Waldbaum's/ Home Goods shopping center, on Merrick Rd, in South Merrick, MoolaLa is Long Island’s first self-serve frozen yogurt bar. They have 12 flavors a day and a few of them are Gluten-Free. They rotate them daily (when I visited the first time there were a bunch, and the second time, about 4 were) All the signs say if they are GF or not (See photos), and they had 1 that was not only GF but was also a dairy free Sorbet (Mango Tango)! They have an “ingredient book” that is located by the self-serve stations, or one up at the counter, that has all ingredients listed, as well as nutritional facts. After you serve yourself the frozen yogurt (go easy the first time, remember that it gets weighed) –you make your way to the toppings area. BUT, the “toppings bar” is a GF cross-contamination nightmare, so beware- I would probably avoid toppings from the bar- even the toppings that are naturally gluten-free, like fresh fruit kiwi, had granola and other toppings floating on top of the kiwi fruit (see photo). This happens because it is “self-serve” so that when people lean in over the fruit to the other toppings, they drop some along the way, thus contaminating all in their path. I did put some wet walnuts on mine (it was in a separate container at the front of the counter, and I assessed my risk, and “chanced it”). I told the owner that I was gluten-free and asked him that if I wanted a topping in the future would he be able to get me an un-contaminated one from the back, and he wholeheartedly said yes, so that is awesome to hear!
I had the Peanut Butter Frogurt and it was really tasty!
Moolala is open daily from 11am until 11pm
1664 Merrick Rd
Merrick, NY 11566

Also, in this same shopping center is Tomato and Basil Pizzeria, which serves French Meadow Gluten-Free Pizza- so now you can go to dinner, and then have dessert after at Moolala- an added bonus!


Ann Parry NY said...

very cool :D thanks for the update. Did you take the photos - they're great!

SueZboss said...

Dulche De Leche is my new favorite flavor!!! :) Sooooooooo yummy!!!!