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Katz Gluten Free Giveaways: Free Summer Dessert Promotion!

So I’m sure everyone knows by now that Katz Gluten-Free is running this huge summer dessert giveaway promotion with all the bloggers out there! Well, now it’s my turn to offer MY readers a chance to win as well!

Katz Gluten Free’s summer dessert giveaways have partnered with the GF Bloggers out there and each site will have a $25 Coupon Winner and a Free Sample Pack winner!! They will also be holding a grand raffle for $100 Katz Dollars at the end of September!! ALL you have to do is enter on their website which will give you a chance to win the $100 Katz Dollars!
The contest runs until September 13th, which they are coinciding with the first ever National Celiac Disease Awareness Day! When entering, please tell them you were referred from to make sure you are entered into the running for my blog’s $25 coupon/ Free Sample Pack winner! Each blog will have their own recipient!

Here is the Katz website where you enter:

In the referral Blog space enter: GlutenFreeLI

Some information about Katz Gluten Free from their press release:

Mrs. Katz, the dynamic force behind Katz Gluten Free, is a diagnosed Celiac, as are her children. When first diagnosed, she completely changed her cooking habits- and “always the culinary connoisseur, she set about her mission of devising recipes and techniques to ensure that her gluten-free diet would maintain the benchmark taste and flavor her family had become accustomed to.” She started creating new recipes and word spread throughout the community and people started calling! Mrs. Katz offered advise and support although knowing that she was only able to reach a small few suffering from this disease. “And thus Katz Gluten Free was created, out of a simple residential kitchen, with not much more than a home model kitchen mixer… and an unconditional mission of enhancing and improving the quality of life for countless Americans” on a gluten-free diet.

“Today, Katz Gluten Free operates out of a state-of-the art facility, which has been Certified Gluten-Free by the Gluten Free Certification Organization [a program of GIG (Gluten Intolerance Group)], for its unmatched reliability in complying with strict gluten-free standards, and for its stringent adherence to cleanliness. When you buy a product bearing the ‘Katz Gluten Free’ label, you can be confident that every bite is strictly gluten-free, and consists of the purest, freshest and highest quality ingredients possible.

Katz Gluten Free offers an ever-expanding line of nourishing and totally tasty products. From their delectable assortment of cookies and cakes, to their wholesome selection of breads and rolls, to their famously delicious rugelach, every single one of their items is a product of mouth-watering goodness and perfection.”

“Undeterred by her rapid corporate growth, Mrs. Katz maintains the genuine passion and devotion to others which initially inspired this enterprise. As she aptly states: ‘We are in business to serve and enhance the lives of
our clients, by providing the high-quality food products and one-on-one service they need to maintain a healthy and proper lifestyle, and enrich their daily functioning.’ And this mantra is clearly reflected upon her entire staff. Inspired by her enduring values, every single employee at Katz Gluten Free strives to fulfill the individual needs of each customer by developing and maintaining strong bonds of communication. Katz Gluten Free greatly anticipates the feedback and input of their loyal customers, with the goal of incorporating their clients’ suggestions to further advance the taste and selection of their products."

"Discover for yourself what countless people are raving about. Pick up your batch of Katz Gluten Free products today and begin living deliciously healthy – the Gluten Free way.

Katz Gluten Free products are available at health food stores and supermarkets throughout the US”

You can learn more about Katz Gluten-Free here:


The second my package arrived I was SO excited!! In it were TONS of gluten free goodies that I just HAD to try!!! The first thing I opened was the Cinnamon Rugelech because it looked SO delicious!! I have to say, it has a very nice flavor, but is a bit dry- but that didn’t stop me from snacking on them! I thought they were the perfect thing for an after dinner snack with some coffee- or a mid-morning snack at a meeting! I know my co-workers are always snacking on stuff, so now I can bring my own to also have something to munch on! I also tried the Apricot Torte’s and the Chocolate Dipped Cookies on that first setting- and all were really tasty. For Breakfast today I had one of the Honey Muffins, and it was really good. The top had a nice flavor but I wish it was a bit thicker on top- the tops of muffins are usually my favorite- but I know this is tricky with GF baking! I invited my Mom and my Sister over- both fellow Celiacs as well to help me sample the rest and they really enjoyed it! We had the Chocolate Chip Cookies, the Chocolate Cupcakes and sampled all the first ones again! The only ones that I wasn’t in love with were the Chocolate Chip Cookies. They were a bit soggy- but I don’t know if that was from shipping- if they are shipped frozen and then just thawed out? It does say to Freeze upon arrival, and right after sampling, we put them in the freezer so that they will keep fresh! Finally we tried the Chocolate Strip- and I have to say, that it was so rich and “chocolately” that it made up for the fact that it was a bit dry- but because of the richness of the chocolate, it was very flavorful!
Thanks to KATZ Gluten Free for the awesome treats!

Don’t Forget: Enter by September 13th for your chance to win a $25 Coupon for Katz, a Free Sample Pack, or the GRAND prize of $100 Katz Dollars!

Enter Here:

In the referral Blog space enter: GlutenFreeLI


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Goodie Goodie Gluten-Free said...

I love Katz. They sent me some of their products to try last year and I raved in my blog post about them. How good are those products?! You would never think they were gluten free, dairy free and nut free!