Monday, August 23, 2010

My Trip to Target and Stop and Shop!

I was shopping at Super Target the other day in Westbury, and was walking down the aisle, and out of the corner of my eye in the food section, I see “Mary’s Gone Crackers”.
I thought to myself – “hey, those are gluten free!”, so I went up to them, and right next to them were also Kinni-Toos’, Envirokidz, and Glutino Cookies and Crackers! It was soo cool seeing Gluten Free products in Target- especially because I wasn’t expecting to see them!
So I figured I would wander up and down the rest of the food aisles to see if there were any more GF surprises, and yes there were!
They now carry Betty Crocker’s mixes (cookies, brownies, and Yellow & Chocolate cakes), Namaste, Pamela’s, as well as Cherry Book Kitchen’s gluten-free dreams and Bob’s Red Mills!
They also have San-J’s gluten-free soy sauce, and just when I said “boy I can get everything I need here that is gluten-free, now if they only had GF pasta…” and I turn around and there is Tinkayada GF pasta!!
I’m so happy these Gluten-Free staples are in Target now- I love Target and get most of my household supplies there, so it’s great to know now I can pick up some gluten-free must-haves as well without having to make a special trip to another store. A second trip back, now that that the whole “grocery market” part was open, there were Frozen foods by Kinnick Kinnick and Glutino (breads and donuts)- and Amy’s. True, there wasn’t a ton of gf variety- but there was enough of it- and I now know if I have a party to go to and need to make a cake – or am craving something GF while shopping- when I’m at Target that week I can pick it up! I have to say though, that the prices WERE pretty high. The box of K-Kritters for example, were $5. and change, and then I had gone to Super Stop and Shop in Carle Place after to do my normal grocery shop, and they were on sale for $3.79 (but reg $4.99, so still a little cheaper). As a Grand Opening, they were also giving out a coupon booklet when walking in, with coupons on produce and groceries, and there were coupons for Glutino and Kinnick Kinnick in them!

I think I will only rely on Target when not making another stop, and need to pick up a mix or something that I need right away- but it’s still nice to know that it’s there if we need it!

On a similar note- I am really impressed with Stop and Shop!! I visited the one in Carle Place (on Glen Cove Road) and there was a TON of variety! (still not “everything” but a lot!) They did have Udi’s granola- at $5.99 a bag- and I got all excited- thinking I would be able to get bread and bagels- but they did NOT have the Udi’s bread and bagels there- maybe it’s on the way?! *wishful thoughts* (I will also speak to the manager next time so inquire!) They also had Bards Tale GF Beer, which I don’t see as often! It was great seeing so many of the GOOD gluten free products available there!

I then visited the newly renovated North Bellmore Stop and Shop- and they too now have an entire aisle length across from produce dedicated to GF products! They have Bob’s Red Mills GF Oats, Schar products, and Kinni-Toos and K-Kritters, and a new product from Annies- a GF Mac and Cheese that I’m dying to try ASAP! The prices were fairly reasonable (hey- better than Targets at least!)- and it is really exciting to see that major supermarkets are now carrying more GF products for us! S&S also carries Betty Crocker mixes, although it’s no t in the GF aisle, but with the regular Betty Crocker stuff- and I was even more annoyed when I saw that this week “regular” Betty Crocker is on sale 10 for $10! Yes, Ten boxes of regular mix for TEN dollars! That’s a dollar a box, right next to a GF box that is $4.29 a box!! UGH. But at least it’s available!

I would definitely say keep your eyes open when shopping and eating- gluten free seems to be popping up all over the place, so we have to be on the lookout for it!

Still no sightings on the Snyder’s GF pretzels, or the GF Bisquick…. Anyone see them out in Long Island Yet?



Monica said...

It's only a matter of time - I found GF Bisquick at Hannaford's in Poughkeepisie over the weekend and I love it. I made chicken fingers and pancakes last night and it all tasted so - dare I say - normal! I can't wait to see it mainstream here too.

Erin S. said...

I will need to check out Target next time I go to LI. Also, the ShopRite in Plainview carries a bunch of gluten-free items. It is nice to not have to take an extra trip to Whole Foods or Trader Joe's when grocery shopping.

Tema said...

Cheese Store of Cedarhurst 516 295 3099 has the Snyders GF pretzels - they are delish!!1

Ann Parry NY said...

Thanks for helpful info about Target and Shop & Stop gluten-free foods. LOVE your in-store photos! smiles - Ann

Candice said...

The Diet Shop in Ronkonkoma is now carrying Snyder's GF pretzels. I just got them there last week. They are amazing! Haven't seen GF Bisquick anywhere yet.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I saw the snyders pretzels at the "cheese store" on central avenue in cedarhurst.

Georgianna said...

Stop and Shop in Northport has a great selection, though I have not seen the Snyder's or the Bisquick. I'll keep an eye out.

Thanks for the heads up about Target, I had no idea!


Gordon S. said...

Waldbaum's on the corner of Merrick Avenue and Front Street in East Meadow has the GF Bisquick...bought some and will be trying this weekend. $4.79/16oz box.

Anonymous said...

I've seen the Bisquick in all the waldbaum's and shop rite as well as King Kullen. But Stop and shop has the best selection & most GF stuff. The snyders pretzels are not as good as the Glutino - they are very hard - afraid I'm going to break a tooth. I "liked" Glutino's on Facebook & got a $1 off coupon for their new Genius Bread - hoping it will be good.