Monday, October 11, 2010

NFCA's Webinar "It's Not Just in Your Head: The Psychological Impacts of Celiac Disease"

NFCA announces its latest Gluten-Free Lifestyle Webinar:

"It's Not Just in Your Head: The Psychological Impacts of Celiac Disease”

Sunday, October 17 at 8 p.m. Eastern/5 p.m. Pacific Time

Join Marie-Nathalie Beaudoin, PhD, Training Director at Bay Area Family Therapy & Training Associates, who will go beyond the physical and explain how celiac disease can affect us mentally.

Dr. Beaudoin will:

-Discuss the link between celiac disease and conditions such as depression, anxiety and "brain fog".

-Provide case-based testimonials that establish the lifestyle connection.

-Define the post gluten-free recovery's focus on biological, cognitive and social factors.

Marie-Nathalie Beaudoin, Ph.D.Marie-Nathalie Beaudoin, PhD, is the Training Director at Bay Area Family Therapy & Training Associates where she sees private clients and supervises the ounseling work of doctoral and post-doctoral students in psychology. Dr. Beaudoin also teaches a number of classes such as Child Development and Family Therapy at John F. Kennedy University. She presents internationally and has published several books including a translated bestseller on Responding to the Culture of Bullying and Disrespect. Her new book for parents, educators and therapists, The SkiLL-ionaire in Every Child: Boosting Children’s Socio-Emotional Intelligence Using the Latest on Brain Research, is in press and scheduled to be released in October. Since herself being diagnosed and having her son afflicted with celiac disease, Dr. Beaudoin has started researching, writing about and increasing people’s awareness of this issue. She is currently co-authoring, with Stanford University Emeritus Professor, Philip Zimbardo, Ph.D., an article titled, "A Medical Issue Affecting the Diagnosis of Mood, Attention and Autistic Disorders: A Closer Look at Celiac Disease and Gluten Intolerance."

Sponsored by Blue Diamond Growers, this Webinar is free of charge and the only requirement is a working Internet connection- and you must register:

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