Thursday, November 18, 2010

Beware of Crispy Cat Candy Bars by GoNutrition- "May Contain Wheat"

BEWARE: Crispy Cat GoNutrition Bars state that they are "Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Non GMO, All Natural, and No Preservatives", BUT on the back of the bar in a small font size the Allergens info shows: Contains Soy, May Contain Traces of Peanuts, Wheat and Dairy!!
Wait-Which is it? The bar cannot be gluten free AND contain wheat?

I know that the FDA has no current rulling on GF status- but this labeling should just be illegal! This further shows us HOW important it is for us to ALWAYS read the ingrediant labels! I have gotten into a bad habbit of not reading the ingrediants if the package states "Gluten Free", so this is a good reminder to all of us how important it is to read all of the package before consuming anything.

I had posted a warning about this company on my facebook page- back in August- but one of my readers just wrote in and said they bought these candy bars because they said "Gluten Free" on them, gave them to their kids and after their kids ate them THEN they saw the warning on the back- that said "may contain traces of WHEAT"!! I want to warn everyone about these bars!! I am so annoyed at this company for what they are doing. We should all write in to them and complain and let them know that they do not take our health seriously by labeling their packages this way. BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY!


Bohdan said...

As an update, I have spoken to Fair Way in Plainview on 3 occasions since this posting. Once by phone, twice in person. I let them know that they were selling mislabeled product that has a health risk to it. If you go in the store, you still see the product on the shelf, still shown as gluten free and dairy free on the front with a warning in small print on the back: may contain wheat and dairy.
We need more people to complain to the FairWay to get this off the shelf or at least label it correctly.

Anonymous said...

I just contacted the company - thank god I read the fine print before I ate the bar. This is disgusting and disconcerting - I am going to make sure my Celiac group doesn't support this company until they remove the "gluten-free" label or truly make the product safe.