Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Extended Passover line of GF Shabtai products now in stores across Long Island!

As I'm sure you all know, Passover is a GREAT time for us to find many gluten-free products in the local supermarkets!! (see previous posts about Passover from the past few years). Many specialty products are in stores and are labled "gluten-free" in these aisles designated for Passover products- so be on the lookout for them!! Shabtai, an awesome gluten-free baked goods company also has an extended Passover line that is available across Long Island at Shoprites, Pathmarks, Foodtowns, King Kullens, Stop and Shops and many kosher supermarkets. All their items are Gluten-Free! Special limited time items include: Pie Shells 7" Layer Cakes Fancy Cookies Mocha Rolls and about 50 other items! So make sure to grab them while you can!! For more information: visit Follow Shabtai on Twitter : @glutenfreebakes Like Shabtai on Facebook:

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