Saturday, August 20, 2011

Cedar Creek American Bar & Grill in Glen Cove has Gluten-Free menu

It was my 6 year anniversary with my husband Keith the fist week in August, and to celebrate we wanted to try something new. I had heard a few months ago that Cedar Creek Restaurant in Glen Cove offered a gluten-free menu, and I went onto their website to join their mailing list. To my surprise, I received a $10 off coupon for my anniversary, and that solidified my decision to give it a try.
Upon giving my keys to the valet (something I don’t normally like doing because my car is a mess, but necessary for their small lot) we walked up to this cozy and gorgeous restaurant. Inside is very nice and has multiple rooms to be seated in. There is live music on certain nights (we were first there on a Saturday, and then again on a Tuesday, and there was live music on the Tuesday) in the main area, but we sat in the back area for more quiet time to talk. I told the hostess that I required the gluten-free menu, and she said that the manager would come by with it. This was awesome. By having the manager come over with the menu it allowed the hostess to alert the manager that there was a GF diner there, and he was promptly there to go over the menu, discuss any questions I had about the items, and discuss how they prepare the food, and how they insure all the ingredients were in fact GF. When I questioned an item on the regular menu if it was GF or not, (ice cream) he said that because they got that item from a local ice cream maker, there was no ingredient label on it, so that he could not allow me to have it because he could not verify if it was GF (it was after 8pm so no way to call her), but he did say he would follow up and give them a call for the future. Having the manager there quickly eased my nerves of eating somewhere new for the first time. When our server came over, it was quickly evident that she was just as knowledgeable as the manager was in the GF menu- she was a fellow celiac (and said one of the managers is as well)- it was nice to know that she “got-it” and I didn’t have to explain about cross-contamination etc.

Now for the good part! For my meal, I was SO excited to see they had French Onion Soup (sans bread) on the GF menu. I miss this so much- so I ordered that to start , and it didn’t disappoint. It was very good, and I didn’t even miss not having the croton in it! The melted cheese on top and the delicious soup was rich in flavor and a perfect combination together. (I will order this every time I go- lol).

For my main meal, I got the roasted chicken with vegetables and mashed potatoes. This was very good as well. The chicken had a nice seasoning to it, not too much, not too little- just right. And the vegetables and mashed potatoes were also perfect.

For dessert- they had wild berries and crème (which our server said “they’re not boring berries, they do not disappoint”) or a crème Brule. Ummm Crème Brule please! It was really good and I was so excited to be able to have a dessert that wasn’t just “fresh fruit” (no offense wild berries).

We enjoyed our anniversary meal so much that the following week, we went back on a Tuesday for their “blue plate specials” so that my husband, a non-celiac, could eat the “tremendous” chicken parmesan dinner! For my second meal there, I had, yes, the French Onion Soup- I told you, every time! And a Crème Brule for dessert, but for main meal I got the Pasta Bolognese, which was GF spiral corn pasta, which was done to perfection (even as leftovers the next day!)

You have to give this place a try! It’s not hard to get to- It’s right off of Glen Cove Road when it forks onto Cedar Swamp Road- easily accessible from the Northern State, or LIE, to Glen Cove Road exit, then go North. (put it in your GPS or “google map” it!) you will not be sorry.

I also asked our server about if they rent out rooms for parties- “French Onion Soup Party” anyone? – and she said yes, all of the rooms can be rented for parties (I think the back one (see pics) would be a perfect place to host an event there! There is even seating out front for diners as well. They have a bar in the main room so you can enjoy a cocktail before or after dinner or while you’re waiting for a seat- but they also take reservations on Open, so go to their website to reserve your table beforehand if you think it will be a busy night! You can also see and download the Gluten-Free and regular menu on their website as well-

Cedar Creek
American Bar & Grill
75 Cedar Swamp Road
Glen Cove, NY 11542



el said...

I have to tell you I tried Cedar Creek on Sunday because of your review and YES I will go back.
We were going to a concert in Glen Cove so I googled "gluten-free glen cove" and found your review. I've been reading your blog for a while so I trusted it. I got the onion soup - heaven in a bowl. I had the shrimp scampi with corn pasta while my friend had the gluten version. Her husband and mine both had the fried chicken special. Only disappointment was that while the creme brulee is on the gf menu it is no longer gf. So I had ice cream.
Thanks for the review. I also told the staff that it was your review that brought me in.

layana said...

Those food look delicious! Cedar Creek Restaurant in Glen Cove will surely be worth checking out to try these gluten-free dishes.