Saturday, May 24, 2014

"Gluten Free: What You Need to Know" presentation at Thompson ShopRite on 5/29/14

On Thursday, May 29th from 6-7pm, Shauna Del Prete the Retail Dietitian at Thompson ShopRite in Uniondale will be presenting "Gluten Free:  What You Need to Know."    The Thompson ShopRite is a fabulous place to stock up on your gluten-free foods and Shauna is very knowledgeable in the gluten-free diet!  She asks that you send an email to her at if you are planning on attending.
Thursday, May 29th 6-7 PM
Gluten Free: What you Need to Know
Presented by: Shauna Del Prete, RD, CDN
Retail Dietitian
Happy Memorial Day Weekend- hope you all are enjoying GF BBQ's!


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